Anal Lube - Original

Anal Lube - Original
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Jan 14, 2014
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Excellent, cheap lube for anal play. Desensitises enough, but not too much for that perfect feeling.
You do need to be fairly liberal with it application however, but considering its price, I'm not usually concerned.
Like most water based lubes, it's not really suited for fast/rapid action, best stick with oil or silicone based if that's your goal. This is a lube for slow, relaxing fun such as deep anal play.
Having said that, being water based makes it low allergen and a chinch to clean off after.
The lid is also a bonus, simply clicking open and shut. No fiddling with smooth twist lids with slippery fingers here ;)
The cherry flavour is thicker and gums up in the tube so I'd recommend sticking to the original flavour, which smells better anyways in my opinion.

Advantages: Does what is says on the tin and does it well.
Easy to clean off after use.
Fairly cheap, good bang for your buck.
Desensitises just enough for a good time.
Should be suitable for those with allergies.
Lid that's easy to open and close.

Disadvantages: Fairly liberal use required.
Not suited for fast action.
Cherry flavour is too thick.
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